An Innovation-Focused Business Strategy

With the advancement of technology, market competition is increasing at an alarming rate. It is written on the stone now that only constant is change and no organization can escape it. Even though technology has opened up many doors for creativity and innovation, industry disruptions are taking advantage of it. In today’s era, the organization simply can’t put their entire trust into agile methods for their survival. Shippable code is the ultimate goal of agile which neglects the production code. While the competitors keep on offering their values, some innovators might get trapped in agile apparatus.

In order to gather wonderful ideas and escort them to market quickly, businesses need a comprehensive and fundamentally transformational business strategy.

Modern Soft-App Delivery Basics

Our Modern Soft-App Delivery strategy targets four key areas that have an impact on a company's bottom line.


Organizations that establish strategic alliances between their IT and Business functions and leadership are more likely to innovate in technology. To build high-performing teams, this cooperative growth-oriented approach must be appreciated and used at every level of the business. Collaborative and cross-functional teams that leverage the tech platforms to expedite their results receive higher performance.


The use of Lean methedology in technology delivery can benefit any company. Integrated Feedback, Product Development, Business Agility, Visible Work, Scrum/Kanban methods, Lean-Agile Methodologies, and WIP (Work In Process) Management are all examples of these principles. Business requirements can be closely associated with technological potential by using Lean practicies to the development.


DevOps engineering principles, tools, and methodologies must be used across the whole delivery operation to get the idea for production as rapidly as feasible. DevOps allows your company to have more frequent deployments while still ensuring reliability and quality. A company's ability to discover opportunities for successful workflow automation will improve as its DevOps capabilities improve.


Adopting platforms with cloud technology that enable innovation and scalability while being accessible and secure is one of the quickest ways to boost productivity. Cloud platforms serve as accelerators, allowing highly efficient teams to create more value more quickly.

The Benefits of Using a Cutting-Edge Soft-App Delivery Strategy

At times When highly efficient teams use Agile concepts and DevOps methods to speed up the production while employing cloud platforms, a synergy is created that allows us to deliver value quickly without sacrificing dependability or quality. We can develop an ongoing Delivery Pipeline — the scheduling procedure that allows to develop any soft-App in a secure and reliable manner while improving velocity and output – by implementing a Modern Soft-App Delivery strategy.

According to latest industrial studies, using a Modern Soft-App Delivery approach provides the given advantages to the company:

  • Modern Soft-App Delivery Principles boost corporate maturation by 63% in an agile environment.
  • Organizations' market capitalization increases by 50% compared to their industry competitors.
  • Conventional IT firms send production code 46 times less frequently than mature teams.
  • For 83 percent of the applications, teams use a cloud platform.
  • Customer engagement is enhanced by a factor of 4, employee retention is increased by 77%, additionally, technology delivery speed is boosted by 37%.

Sources:  Report 2018 DORA States-DevOps

Custom Application Development & Implementation

At Milestone Technocrat, we don’t simply match solutions with technology requirements – we deliver software in a modern, customized way that helps organizations bring ideas to the market more efficiently. When we apply our Modern Soft-App Delivery strategy, we empower an organization to deliver more value to the market faster while maintaining quality, whether it requires broader transformation work or targeting specific problems and incremental challenges.

We create custom applications that are fast, simple to use, easy to maintain and scalable.

Our architects understand the current technical landscape and build applications using the latest technologies. Their diversified capabilities include technical knowledge and expertise around a wide array of platforms. This enables our teams to help your organization make the right technology decisions while applying sound engineering strategies that empower you to scale up as your business grows. Our services include:

Strategy & Assessments

Technology solutions are required by a firm based on their predicted value and organisational preparedness. To identify and prioritise process improvement efforts, our specialists can evaluate your entire IT company or concentrate on particular departments or teams. In addition to a capability maturity analysis and a roadmap for progress, we can make sure that the scenario can support repeatable growth.

Governance & Oversight

Every organization needs a governance plan that provides a balanced approach to operations and ensures that technology is used in the intended way that maximizes adoption and minimizes risk. We help facilitate decision-making related to the technology’s purpose and application within the business.

Implementation & Tool Selection

Your company can speed up its inner processes to produce more value more quickly if it has the correct technological platforms. We can assist in determining and assessing the appropriate collection of tools based on the demands and readiness of your firm. Our procedures guarantee a durable, sustainable solution which can continue to address customers' needs for many years.

Coaching & Knowledge Transfer

Being competent and being capable are two different things. We help our clients develop capabilities by leveraging our subject matter experts. We develop high performing teams with an integrated People-Process-Technology Approach, and we transfer knowledge to internal teams to ensure sustainability after a project is completed.

Let’s move together towards the Business Anywhere future – where entire communication will be smart and uninterrupted, total processes will be automated and paperless and everyone will enthusiastically reach out their hands to embrace the future.

Our Milestone Technocrat Team

Our team is comprised of more than 130 delivery professionals that include developers, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Adoption and Change Management Specialists, Governance Experts, Test Automation Developers, DevOps Engineers, Cloud Architects, and Emerging Technology Specialists. Within that team, we have certified AWS, Azure and Agile specialists and our investments in continual learning ensure that our consultants are among the best in the industry. Our flexible “Right Site” working model provides the right combination of experts to solve your problems and enables us to deliver on-site at your office, off-site at ours, offshore in India, or a combination of these. 


Cloud is more than just hardware located elsewhere. It is a platform that can be used to speed up the distribution of contemporary applications. We assist you in utilising the cloud to its fullest potential.

  • Cloud Prioritization & Strategy
  • Cloud Optimization & Migration
  • Cloud Innovation
  • Cloud Managed Support
  • Cloud Adoption Plan


An infrastructure that can supply software continually is what DevOps delivers, not software itself. To speed up delivery, we assist you in using DevOps engineering methods.

  • Tool Optimization
  • Modular Architecture
  • Instrumented Processes
  • Workflow Automation


Agile transforms challenging initiatives into controllable, incrementally deliverable results. Through the development of agile, we assist you in enhancing collaboration, transparency, and delivery cadence.

  • (SAFe) implementation
  • Agile coaching & training
  • Workflow management
  • Scaled Agile Framework for the Enterprise
  • Agile implementation and methodology improvement


Delivery acceleration initiatives must prioritise quality assurance and improvement. With the help of our testing services, you can automate sprint-level feedback cycles.

  • Offshore testing
  • Full spectrum testing services
  • Automation capability establishment
  • Active test data management
  • Scaled automation
  • Automation effectiveness evaluation

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