You assist your insureds in dealing with the difficulties that life throws at them. But who is there to assist you?

New entrants and technologies are altering and redefining the insurance sector across the value chain. From digital experience and current risk analytics to Insures and beyond, they bring innovative and complex views.

Insurers must be cutting-edge, with solid systems and a procedure that works if they are to prosper. Change can be difficult to deal with. However, we can assist you in dealing with them.

Insurers have enhanced operational efficiency, increased profits, and transformed disruption into transformation by collaborating with us for insurance consulting services. You, too, can do it.


Through innovative consulting solutions, we assist Life & Annuity Insurers, Property & Casualty Insurers, and Brokers in achieving profitable growth, reducing expenses, and achieving flawless customer service.

Guidewire Services

Make the most of your Guidewire investment by ensuring that it has the desired business impact.

Process Excellence

Using renowned Lean Six Sigma improvement approaches and Robotic Process Automation, reduce internal operating expenses and streamline procedures.

People and Change

To get the most out of your strategic objectives, you'll need to manage organisational change, communication, and training.

Data and Analytics

With our Insurance Analytics Platform, use proven BI accelerators tailored to the insurance business and accelerate growth.

IT Strategy

Facilitate the implementation of company strategy through a pragmatic and repeatable procedure that is linked to the insurance value chain.

Core Systems Modernization

Through established application architecture evaluation methodologies and functional expertise in fundamental insurance operations, rationalize and modernize internal systems.


Mobile Insurance Apps, Marketing Automation, and Agent & Self-Service Portals are all examples of cost-effective digital strategies and solutions that can help you provide better service to your customers.

Cloud Services

DevOps enables cloud computing innovation while also increasing efficiency.

Our Optimal Site Engagement Model is an extremely adaptable consulting delivery model that reduces risk while increasing output and value.

We bring together the greatest people from around the US and India, but with a localized point of contact to deliver the right answers, at the right moment, and in the right location.

How Are We Unique?

The truth is that no one enjoys change. Change, on the other hand, is required to live and flourish in today's economy. Every day, new standards and requirements are developed in every area of the global market as a result of this necessity.

With these changes come significant and complex hazards. As a result, insurers are unquestionably important in every sector of today's business. Insurers, on the other hand, must constantly change in order to fulfill market needs and expected standards.

At Milestone Technocrat, we combine cutting-edge technology with fail-safe operational processes that are designed to produce outcomes. We can assist insurers in increasing not only their monetary production but also their operational efficiency.

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