Data is a vital company asset. Isn't it time you start treating it like that? Using data to get business insights, process optimization, automation, and innovation is the first step.

Data is being used by your competitors for more than just reporting. Artificial intelligence, cloud, and new data architectures can help you become "data nimble." You'll be able to convert data into knowledge that makes sure operational excellence, accelerates business intelligence, and offers you competitive edge if you go beyond the limits of standard business intelligence.

We Can Help You Achieve Your Goals with Our Data And Analytics Services.

Modern Analytics Platform

Is analytics going to be a big part of your future? You are not bound by the high costs of data warehousing anymore.

Cloud computing, adaptable architectures, and cutting-edge technology can help you modernize your analytics. Streamline data-driven business can give you insights about your organization while lowering costs.

Data Quality

"Where did the figure come from?" has been asked a million times. Data uncertainty may make corporate management extremely difficult.

Business definitions, reporting, data reconciliation, and metric creation are all examples of data quality. We can assist you in ensuring data governance, technology components, and master data management are all of the high quality.

Machine Learning

Haven't you always suspected that your data contains valuable information? Predictive power, on the other hand, is ambiguous and may appear to be a miraculous impossibility.

That predictive capacity can be unlocked via data analytics and machine learning. With our Machine Learning SDLC, you can attain cost-effective process and automation improvement.

Business Visualization & Intelligence

A picture is worth a thousand words, as we all know. So, still, why are you looking at numbers on a bunch of pages? Business intelligence will bring up the correct data at the right time to help you make better decisions faster.

You can go "beyond the dashboard" with well-designed visualization solutions. Milestone Technocrat will link business processes to tools, resulting in a strong, data-rich experience.

Support & Maintenance

Is there a bandwidth cap on your IT staff? It's not just you. Allocating the necessary time and resources to maintain a data solution is a challenge for many firms. We are able to carry the weight.

We provide Data & Analytics solutions with dedicated support and maintenance. SLAs, architecture, blended onshore/offshore teams, advisory services, and fractional support are all included. We'll bring the perfect people, tailored to your specific needs.

Is Your Organization Facing the Critical Data Analytics Challenges?

When you mention modernizing, you're reminded, "We don't have the data for this." It takes too much time and costs a lot every time you request more info. You spend money on reports, but no one uses them. You devote more time to obtaining information than to comprehend what it teaches us.

Does these statements ring a bell?

Building the correct architecture for the subsequent time, on the other hand, can be complex for a variety of reasons:

  • a never-ending batch of new and emerging cloud technologies
  • Rivalry with artificial intelligence and predictive analytics​
  • a shift to digital & the necessity to customize your customer's experience

The variety and amount of data is only increasing. A modular and holistic architecture is required to protect your data and analytics investment.​

Let’s move together towards the Business Anywhere future – where entire communication will be smart and uninterrupted, total processes will be automated and paperless and everyone will enthusiastically reach out their hands to embrace the future.

For Insurance

Insurance is a business whose success is based on data maturity. However, data is rarely used to improve operations or make strategic decisions. We can assist you in quickly moving from data to knowledge.

  • Analyses of Agency Performance
  • Adjustment for Loss Expense Management
  • Tracking of Underwriting and Operations Throughput
  • Reserving Analysis Has Been Improved

For Healthcare

The goal of healthcare is to make people's lives better. Better population health is being driven through coordinated care, EHRs, and targeted interventions. Join forces with us to increase your customer focus. while keeping your company's financial objectives in check.

  • Metrics of Productivity and Quality
  • Decisions Based on Data to Improve Patient Care
  • Improved Performance Through Staffing Analytics
  • Reduction of Admissions with Data Sharing

For Financial Services

The financial services business relies heavily on data. To gain a competitive edge in practically every facet of your organization, mine the data both inside and outside your walls. We'll help you stay on top of the competition and improve your operational efficiency.

  • Data Strategy for the Enterprise
  • Customer Experience Enhancements Powered by Data
  • Analytics for Self-Service Cybersecurity Surveillance
  • Automated Business Decisions with a Purpose

For Utilities & Energy

The utilities & energy sector are changing at an incredible speed. The economics are shifting as a result of smart gadgets, renewable energy, energy storage, and information access. We can assist you in succeeding in the new environment.

  • Optimization of Voltage
  • Improved customer experience
  • Responsiveness in a Dynamic Environment
  • Customer feedback should be addressed.

Milestone Technocrat's Platform for Insurance Analytics

We recognize that the convergence between insurance with data and analytics can be challenging. It doesn't have to be that way with our data warehouse solution.

Our Insurance Analytics Platform is a value-driven and pre-engineered analytics solution that powers the business insights that help you gain retention, premium growth, and operational efficiency. It was designed by a team with over a generation of combined industry experience.

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