A complete adoption approach guarantees that your teams embrace the capabilities and tools in their daily activities, revolutionizing the way they operate, as you add collaboration capabilities.

Our Collaboration Adoption solution guides businesses through the training, communication, feedback, and support processes that are necessary for effective adoption.

It takes more than just installing technology and asking your employees to utilize it to make collaboration work in the workplace. Technology should be the last to arrive.

Together, we can go beyond.

McKinsey has published research showing the positive, bottom-line benefit to workers – in some cases showing a 20 to 30 percent lift in production.


Collaboration initiatives differ from standard IT projects in several ways. They necessitate listening, showing, telling, and coaching. This entire process must be repeated several times, each time increasing the organization's momentum.


Determine where 'friction' exists in a process or activity. To establish a baseline, make a note of it.


Small problems should be fixed promptly, in less than six weeks, and clear measurements should be taken so you know when the problem is solved.


Describe how the partnership initiative will benefit you. Have your core solution team communicate to the entire organization about the benefits of their solution.


Train your employees on how to collaborate using the tools you're implementing.

Collaboration Projects: Why, What, How

Many collaborative efforts come to a halt because the project's initial concept was based on technology. You should begin by comprehending the significance of collaboration. Next, define what you want to achieve through collaboration: Is the purchasing process less complicated? Is there a way for salespeople to share their knowledge? Executive leaders' communication with the company?

The "why" you wish to collaborate should be supported by "what" you plan. Then you can figure out "how" to put your collaboration plan into action: Is it with an already-installed tool? Is it possible to create a tool that combines several tools? Or perhaps a new tool?

Moving from the “why” to the “how” is just one step away…the step directed towards us.

When Can You Expect the Result?

We assist organizations in creating a maturity curve that is tailored to their specific collaborative goals. We'll walk you through how each goal appears along the curve. Workflow enhancements, for example, may boost productivity, but only if document sharing is enhanced.

Based on your organization's current maturity, you select the optimal stopping point and when it makes sense to progress each target forward:

Ready to collaborate?