Cloud computing is, at its most basic level, the provision of computing services through the internet.

And that's about the point at which it's no longer simple and clear! The cloud may house your development platform, infrastructure, and software.

There appear to be so many cloud providers as there are cloud applications. Not to mention the bewildering number of jargon and acronym.

In spite of its complexity, cloud computing's importance continues to expand, as there are numerous business benefits to cloud computing. Reduced expenses, increased security, expanded global reach, and faster innovation are some of the most popular cloud benefits.

Overwise of Cloud Computing Service

The cloud allows businesses to expedite business operations and innovate in ways that were unthinkable just decades ago.

Our team has worked on a number of cloud computing projects, including cloud migration services, cloud migration strategy, and cloud-native development and design.

We can offer integrated solutions that support technical cloud work as a full-service provider of business advising and technology solutions. For example, our change management solutions assist companies in managing the workforce adjustments and process changes brought about by a move to the cloud.

And finally, we provide comprehensive assistance for cutting-edge technologies like IoT and Big Data. We have worked with businesses to create everything from short prototypes to whole production implementations, enabling them to innovate more quickly and affordably by utilising the cloud.


One of the most difficult choices a business will have to make after deciding to migrate to the cloud is selecting a vendor. There is no correct or incorrect response here; it all depends on the demands of your business and whether you're looking for SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, or all three.

We collaborate with several of the biggest cloud providers, such as those listed below, and have built partnerships and work with them. More information about our services can be found here:

We can guide you to a world in which every interaction is intelligent and effortless, every procedure is completely automated and digital, and everyone is ready for every uncertainty of the future.


Decide the next step in your cloud journey.

Learn & Plan

You'd like to know more about cloud computing and make preparations for a possible migration.


Your company is prepared to make the switch to the cloud.


You want to get the most out of your Cloud investment.


You're ready to move to the next level and use Cloud technology to speed up your innovation.


If you want to learn more about moving to the cloud and plan ahead, follow these steps:

Cloud Strategy

It need not be overwhelming to go to the cloud! We have discovered that our customers are most effective when they use a methodical approach and keep a constant eye on the business need.

We assist clients in outlining the fundamental factors, business case, and practical methods that support the cloud computing adoption as a technology and an operational model by their enterprises.

Vendor Selection

We aim to remain vendor agnostic, so we'll look at things like available technology, pricing, and client preferences before making a suggestion for a cloud vendor.

Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, or a multi-cloud solution may be recommended by vendors.

Cloud Assessment

We may examine your current apps and infrastructure in relation to cloud preparedness, future expansion, modernisation, and your general overall cloud strategy to better understand your technological environment.

Security/Monitoring, Infrastructure, Governance, Alerts, Audit, and Development, Applications, and Operations are among the functional areas that will be assessed. We will provide you context for Best Practices, Current State, Recommendations, and Analysis within each topic.

This evaluation will give you a rough roadmap for figuring out your business and service needs. It will also serve as a valuable resource as you plan and shape your actions and cloud goals.

Cloud Adoption

You can make the transition to the cloud go more smoothly if you have a Cloud Adoption Framework ready in place. It can assist you in gaining organisational buy-in, avoiding frequent problems, moving more quickly, and ultimately meeting your business goals.

Our Cloud Adoption Framework will provide assistance on six essential business perspectives: business, governance, people, platform, operations, and security, to name a few.

In order to determine which business processes would need to be improved, which skill sets might benefit from an update, and where there might be organisational misalignment, we will conduct analyses from each critical aspect.

Maturity Point 2: Act

Here are the next actions to take if your company is prepared to shift to the cloud:

Prioritization for Cloud Migration

Refactor, Rehost, Retain, Remove, Repurchase, and Replatform. Mentioned standard designations will eventually aid in determining and planning migration strategy for a cloud and also the disposition of applications and on-premise assets.

Still, you must know the answer to the five "W's": what, why, who, where, when, and how.

We can assist you create a framework and a scoring system for easy prioritizing relocation activities.

Cloud Migrations

Are you ready to take action? From basic lift-and-shifts to even more complicated refactoring efforts, we can assist you organize your cloud migration.

Our experienced architects will design as well as implement a migration which is personalized to your organization requirements, considering your requirements for timing, pricing, availability and security.


Do you want to get the most out of your investment for the cloud? Here's how it'll work:

Cost Optimization

Designing as well as implementing a plan for cost efficiency and transparency is a key part of cloud operations. Correct-sizing, boosting flexibility, utilizing the optimizing storage, correct pricing model, and monitoring/measuring are few of the techniques we may advice for cost visibility and containment


By incorporating cloud-enabled production and services concepts, technologies, and methods through the whole delivery process, your firm will experience faster delivery pace, release effectiveness, group performance, and architecture excellence while realising faster business value.

Cloud Native Development

Whether an application requires to be refactored or created from from, Platingnum takes pleasure in developing cloud services that are as adaptable as they should be, easy to use, quick, and easy to maintain.

Well-Architected Reviews

The goal of this reviews is to assess if your cloud architecture complies with the most recent recommendations for building safe, effective, efficient, and robust infrastructure for your applications. Regularly releasing new services, the big cloud providers may provide you new opportunities to improve the workload which you were not previously aware of.

A Well-Architected Framework, which is built on the five pillars of security, operational excellence, reliability, cost optimization, and performance efficiency, offers a mechanism to assess architectures and put designs in place that will grow over time.

Managed Services

Organizations using the cloud gain more agility and spend less money on overhead. Nevertheless, support is still required.

You won't be forced into a pre-made support plan with our Managed Services service. Instead, we will modify our services so we can meet your unique needs, whether they be occasional assistance from a Certified Cloud Professional, complete 24/7/365 availability, or anywhere in between.

Converting IoT Challenges into Chances

The IoT (Internet of Things) allows businesses to collect, analyze, and use data in previously unimaginable ways. But this additional potential comes with its own set of problems. Learn how to transform them into the opportunities by our experts.

Cloud technologies enable creativity in ways that on-premise counterparts have never been able to – and will never be able to.

What is the role of the cloud in accelerating innovation?

  • It enables you to collect and process more information.
  • You can then use building blocks to speed up the development process.
  • This allows you to devote more time to the value-added job that generates new ideas.
  • These new concepts result in prototypes, that can be created and disseminated much more quickly.
  • And as your creativity accelerates, the Cloud readily grows to keep up.

We can assist you with the following, in addition to helping you develop the Cloud platform for your exceptional efforts:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Machine Learning
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Virtual Reality
  • Chatbots
  • Blockchain
  • Custom Development
  • Mobile Applicationn Development

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